Terms & Conditions
  1. When you book a course at The Tasty Lawyer, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions below and elsewhere on the website, social media and other advertising.                         
  2. We require your full name, phone number, home address and email address and payment details when booking a course at the cookery school.
  3. It is your responsibility to inform us at the time of booking of any food allergies or intolerances you may have.
  4. We further require the full names, phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses of all others you have booked to attend with you, when you place the booking.
  5. The cookery school need to be made aware of any food allergies or intolerances of all individuals you have booked to attend the cookery school. It will be the responsibility of the person making the booking, to provide this information to the cookery school at the time of booking. The cookery school can refuse entry, for those whose food allergy or intolerances information is not provided. 
  6. If any food is taken home for others to consume, then it is the responsibility of that individual to provide the product information to them, so that they can make a reasoned decision as to whether the product contains any ingredients which they may be intolerant to, or have an allergy to. The cookery school is not responsible for this.
  7. We only admit those whom the cookery school are made aware of in advance on booking will be in attendance. The booking is not transferable to someone else, as we take into account any food intolerances/allergies of the attendees, when booking. 
  8. The classes are for those over the age of 18, unless a class specifies otherwise.
  9. The courses are for domestic use only. We do not accept caterers on the course.
  10.  Full payment must be received at the time of booking the course.
  11. A confirmation email must be received from us, which will confirm your place to attend.
  12. Gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please book a class before the expiry date of the voucher. We are unable to refund gift vouchers. Once a class has been booked, the cancellation policy is applicable to Gift voucher holders. Those who purchase the voucher are responsible to draw our Terms and Conditions to the recipients attention.
  13.  Photographs and videos may be taken of the class/event in progress and of the food prepared. The photographs and videos may then be used in the cookery school’s social media and advertising. By attending the event you are giving permission for any photographs or videos taken on the day to be used by the school in their advertising and/or social media.
  14.  Please note the time your attendance is required on the day, as the class will start at the time stated, unless otherwise directed by the organiser. Late attendees may be refused entry to participate in the class.
  15.  Please do not bring anything of high value to the cookery school, as the school will not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of your personal items.
  16.  Please wear comfortable clothes and closed toe flat non-marking shoes when attending the class.
  17.  Please note any special requirements when booking a particular course i.e. dietary requirements, age restrictions etc. – to see that you meet the requirements and the course is in fact suitable to your circumstances.
  18.  Please note as the classes take place within our home, we reserve the right to refuse any application to register for a booking.
  19. Smoking is not permitted inside or on the grounds of the cookery school.
  20. Any damage to the venue and/or it’s contents, then the cookery school can bill the participant or event organiser.
  21. We further reserve the right to request anyone in attendance at the cookery school, whom we believe, is behaving in an unacceptable manner or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol to leave.
  22.  If for any reason you are unable to attend your booked class, the cookery school requires at least 28 days (before the scheduled class date) cancellation notice of this, in order for the class to be offered to someone else and for your class to be re-scheduled to an alternative date. The re-scheduled course will have to be of the equivalent value.
  23.  If you cancel within 28 days of the scheduled date of the class, then the cookery school will not refund the cost and your place will be forfeited.
  24. As classes take place in a group setting, very occasionally we may need to cancel a class if it does not attract the numbers required. You will be given advance notice of any cancellation and you will be offered an alternative date to attend or a full refund.
  25.  The cookery school will not be liable, if the course on the day cannot be run, due to any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the cookery school which makes it impossible for the class to go ahead. If the circumstances so dictate, the cookery school will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of this. The cookery school will endeavour to re-schedule the class to take place at another date and time. If so, the cookery school will inform you of this as soon as is practical. However, if the class cannot be re-scheduled or the attendee cannot attend at the new said date and time, then the cookery school will in these circumstances refund the cost of the class to the attendee/s. 
  26. The cookery school will not reimburse you for any travel or accommodation costs relating to a cancelled or rescheduled class. We would recommend that you consider this when booking and obtain any relevant travel insurance in this case.